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Your trip to Mont Saint Michel

The Mont Saint Michel and its bay offer a wide range of leisure activities for your pleasure during your stay.



Museums at Mont Saint Michel

  • Historical museum of Mont Saint Michel 

The museum offers reconstructions of prisons and dungeons and is home to a collection of ancient objects and instruments of torture from the Middle Ages.  The museum also owns a 19th century periscope through which you can admire the unique panoramic view over the bay.

  • Maritime and Ecology museum

Discover the phenomenen of the tides. An audio system explains the phenomenen of the tides, the dangers of this beautiful nature and the problems linked to the removal of the build-up sand around the Mount.

  • Archeoscope

Watch this unique sound and light show on this sacred site.  Discover the singularity of the Mount, its mysteries, history and architecture through multimedia and spectacular special events.

  • Logis Tiphaine, historic house of Bertrand Duguesclin 

Visit this 15th century house which the knight Bertrand Duguesclin built for his wife Tiphaine "the gentle fairy". This historic residence houses period furniture, paintings, tapestries and of course the astrology study.


Tour of the Abbey

Discover the history of this listed "historic monument" during a commented tour.

Don't miss in the abbey : crypts, the Roman nave, the flamboyant Gothic choir, the cloister, the refectory, the guard room, the knights' room (scriptorium), Saint Martin chapel and the ancient ossuary...

Crossing the bay

Throughout the year numerous experienced guides will take you across Mont Saint Michel bay on foot or on horseback on an amazing nature trail.

During your business or leisure trip, pilgrimage or romantic break, choose between a guided tour across the bay, a commented nature trail, an early morning or late night hike in Mont Saint Michel bay.

Mont Saint Michel seen from the sky

Discover the magic of a flight in a microlight or hot-air balloon over the Mont Saint Michel, one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.  Throughout the year, qualified monitors accompany you on this unique experience.

Tour of Mont Saint Michel village

The remarkable, perfectly conserved ensemble is one of the finest examples of military architecture from the Middle Ages.  The promenade on the ramparts around Mont Saint Michel offer breathtaking views over the bay and twice a day, the highest tide in the world.

The Scriptorial in Avranches, museum of manuscripts from Mont Saint Michel

Visit the museum of manuscripts from Mont Saint Michel in Avranches and learn about the monk copyists in the Middle Ages.  The Scriptorial displays remarkable manuscripts and explains their origin.


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